Cape May Drum Fishing
Up to 6 passengers on our 34'  or 48' Sportfish

Cape May Drum Fishing has been outstanding the last couple seasons.  The Drum Fishing  in Cape May heats up in mid May and runs through the first week or so of June.  It's a fairly short season here in Cape May, and the best dates, centered around the moon get booked up early.  Fishing the tidess out of Cape May for Drum is essential and we typically change up our trip times to coincide with the best tide.  We fish exclusively in the Delaware Bay on our Cape May Drum Fishing trips in May and June, which is definitely your best bet for successful Drum Fishing.


Our Primary Cape May Drum Fishing Boat is our 34' Mirage Center Console which is perfect for Drum Fishing in the Delaware Bay.  The run is very short, usually only 6-10 miles out the Cape May Canal to the Drum Fishing Grounds.  Drum Fishing in Cape May is an anchor up and chunk type of fishing.  Clams are the bait of choice and it is not uncommon to have multiple digit trips when the bite is ON!  The fish range from small 20 pounders up to 75 pound monsters.  Fish cleaning services are available back in Cape May at the dock so you can take your Drum home with you.  We also have our 48' Ocean available selectively for Cape May Drum Fishing in the Delaware Bay.


We offer both day and night Cape May Drum Fishing Charters out of Cape May.  The Drum definitely like to feed at night and often the best trips depart just before sunset, so you can be anchored up in the Drum Grounds by dark.


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